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Yeah, you're going to have to compensate for the lens distortion. You could knock up a floor plan in Google sketch or something and then refer to this image for the decor, but you seem to have a handle on it.

It's shaping up pretty well. Some of the forms could be a bit more organic though like the plant (I don't know if there is a cloth sim or something in it's future so I'll leave it alone) and the wine glass (it's bowl is a bit boxy and the transition from stem to foot could be a bit more gradual, especially since it's flared).

Also watch out for that mesh smooth, it can give you a bum deal especially on hard surface meshes that are a mix of extreme sparse and dense res, you end up getting waaay too much geo where you don't need it and not enough where you do, it's better to add/subtract some edge loops to even it out prior, I've learned that the hard way.
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