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i suggest you look at the tutorials that come with maya. coming from 3ds max you may get bored of them because they do start with the basics but it's a decent start.
and it's relevant to the version of maya you're using too. so you wont have to ask us 'where is the modelling menu set' because you'd have figured out where the functions are when someone from an old tutorial refers to it.
I've picked up on this thing with the modeling menu set and it's one of the reasons for why there's no longer anything in the free section that is done in versions below 2008 (not sure when the split came, I think it was 8) hence bye, bye cartoon dog I think the free tutorials on this site would be some of the first things a lot of people new to Maya see and therefore we want it to consist of shorter projects that are not overwhelming when you're new and also we want to cover all fields of Maya to give people a bit of an overview to start off with so there will be a balance of basic dynamics, modeling tips and tools, shading networks, bump and normal maps, lighting, mental ray and so on. For versions here we were thinking of doing some things in 2009 and 2010 as well as not everyone is on Maya 2011.

We did some general house cleaning and everything on the site is there because the workflow's accurate and it's useful content. For modeling some of the oldest things on this site are the Ferrari and Apache done in Maya 6 which is pointed out and they're both some of the best Maya tutorials I've ever seen. These two tutorials are not for beginners but intermediate users and at this point I think anyone can figure out the split in the modeling set and the edit polys being edit mesh which are the main changes. It's important to remember as well that tried and tested techniques remain in the industry and the actual modeling workflow does not change with version updates of Maya, version compatibility is on the other hand more important for dynamics where the menu set is completely different today than it was a few years back.

What we've set out to do on the new site is to split our training up the way it would be split in a production pipeline so you learn from the person best qualified. We'll also focus on producing training in the fields where you won't find much content for Maya such as lighting, 2d animation and add software that integrates with Maya. We will have some shorter modeling projects on objects as setting out to do a high poly character will leave you a bit lost if you're a beginner. Any suggestions for new training's very welcome here

Also I second that thing with Introduction to Maya, it's a really good book to have on the side of tutorials to get a more solid foundation and good text tuts in there. Have a look for it, it's not that expensive and it's really worth it I think.
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