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# 1 06-03-2003 , 12:32 PM
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Battle Forum Proposal !!

Here is an idea I would like to put to you guys!

It a "Vs Battle" - One on One!

Someone would post a Battle Request Thread, so for myself I might say -

Battle Request - "topic"

So for example I might say

Battle Request - Gun modeling


Battle Request - "Lighting Scene"

Then If anyone is interested in battleling that person then they apply! The first "yes" vote will be the one who battles that person.

Then the battle would commence, you would use your battle like the challenge area - posting updates as you go. Now here's the thing: NO DROPPING OUT! Once you say yes that battle should be seen through, as it would leave the other guy on his own - More then 2 dropouts and you are disqualified into entering for 1 year! :p

Now there's no time limit, the contestants finalise there own rules! So you have to agree on time length - if or not textures will apply etc: all the rules need to be set before battle commences.

Right so what you think?

Also we may have an "I challenge you" so maybe for example if you think yep...I really want to better my sub div skills so I'm going to challenge one of the best so I pick Kurt! Then you will say in your topic

Kevin V`s Kurt - proposal (then if Kurt accepts the thread will be edited to Kevin V's Kurt - Description)

Or maybe just talk amongst your self for people looking for battles and maybe you may both be on the same level to do battle

Now you have to respect the other guys wishes here, if he don't want to - or don't have time then that's it - No battle! If however he says "Ok then - If you think your Hard enough...come get some" then that's great! user added image

Now I think this could be a lot of fun! Its a great way for attacking your week areas to! For example I am shite at nurbs so I might want to do challenge a really good nurbs guy like mikey (sorry mikey I know your busy) LOL!

So there it is! All feedback would be great.. If I get more then 20 yes votes I will open a forum called "Battle Forum"