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Check the docs for "BLEND SHAPES" user added image
VERY good, and helpfull read!

What Maya does is takes your blends and original target object, and creates a "slider bar" menu automaticly with object names as lables so you can adjust and key blend shapes for facial expressions, lip syching, etc. via a simple slider interface.

...or am I not allowed to answer? hehe...

If mods aren't allowed to answer, lemme know, cause I'll stay awayuser added image No biggie.

Cool thread!

[EDIT] Also, there is NO programming required for Maya to automaticly create this slider gui for you!

You can, I'm sure do some mel connections after the fact, but that's over my head, as I don't specialize in Char. setupuser added image

Good question to ask in the animation thread tho!

PS, there are a bunch of scripts and plugins out there that allow you to use a pic of your character as well insted of sliders if that bit of visual help makes it easier for you to animate... just fyiuser added image

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