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Constrain nHair follicle to nCloth
I'm trying to get a transform thingy to follow an nCloth mesh. Making use of a hair follicle has been used many times for this sort of thing (e.g. attaching buttons), but for some reason I can't get it to work.

Can someone verify for me whether (in Maya 2015 or 2016) an nHair follicle will follow a dynamically simulating nCloth?

I'm following this tutorial, which should work:
Except in the tutorial's case, they're using a classic hair follicle I believe. With my reproduction, the follicle doesn't move.

This page talks about nCloth and nHair but they don't say explicitly that the follicle will follow:

In all my tests the hair curve itself follows the mesh, but the follicle stays static.
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