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Hey leonlabyk!

I got your e-mail. sry it took so long to respond.

First off, I really think Tetsuo's head is looking very good. He might have a little to much of a baby-face, but that might be ok, since Tetsuo does look young, even for his age.

as for Kaneda, his cheeks are deffently too thick. It's good modeling, but he dosn't look much like kaneda from Akira. U could try thinning out his face a little, and raise his cheekbones. That would be my advise.

As for kaneda's bike, it looks a bit too low rez is some places. In generel it could use some more detail I think, even though I know it would take alot more of your time. depends on how much work u want to put in this project.

as for the e-mail u sent me, I'm really not an ekspert at using cloth simulation. I've actually never used them myself yet. But I could try modeling some of the cloth if that's good enough. also try to help out modeling a bagground, or other charatkers. Just say the word, and I will do my best

Maya 4 ever baby!
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