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Originally posted by Jay
Well it always pisses alot of English people off that in American movies, the villain always has a british accent, so can someone answer me that...why is that?
To quote the parents of South Park......Blame Canada?


Nah, i have to agree with swert. British villains sound more intelligent then some American bloak saying " A` Holmes....Lets go kill us som` G's down 'n de hood. den we can axe da man fo some billz y0"

another good reason...Most of the good actors to come to light recently are either brits or ausies......and to top it off...Alot of Americans find a British accent Damn sexy....i know i do...Hell give Diane Kruger or Kate Beckensale a phone book and a chair, and I'd listen to her read it all day long...with wood!.. well, her accent isn't the only reason for the later

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