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shockwave implies the use of flash.
and it also implies to me that a shockwave exporter would just export keyframes and you wont have any intervention of adding user input.

i've never used a shockwave exporter but it sounds like if you use it all the animations have to be predefined.

which means you can't generate animations on-the-fly, but if the shockwave exporter allows you to add buttons and stuff then you can get the parameters you're after on-the-fly (you cant get predetermined user input i dont think....)

unless of course the shockwave expoter gives you flash file, in which case you can import to a new sceme in flash and make buttons that goto and play from certain frames

but without ever knowing what a shockwave exporter does i can't say for sure

does it have to be shockwave?

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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