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Battle Area - Rules - Please Read
Battle Rules:

We will run 2 kinds of battles.

1. Battle Request
2. Battle Challenge

Battle Request - This is just a general "who wants to battle me" - you would post In the Battle Requests & challenges thread here:

Then await any of the board members to take up your offer. All you need to do is state in the post what the battle topic is and also set your own rules...for example I may open a thread and write as below:

Battle request
Topic - Human Head
Textures - No
Modeling type: Polys
Time limit - 30 days

Now this is just an example - you set you own rules.

The first person to accept your offer is the first person who would challenge you. Then you will open your own thread as below:

"your name" V`s "their name" - Topic

ie : Kevin V`s Kurt - Car model


Battle Challenge:

This battle would be a direct challenge on a person. So for example you may want to challenge a moderator or any other board member. You would visit the Battle Requests & challenges thread here and open a post saying like below:

Kevin V`s Kurt - proposal

then set your rules (if any) like:

Challenge Request
Topic - Animation - small walk cycle
Time limit - 2 weeks

pic example:


Now a few words of wisdom:

The battle will be decided at the end by the moderators in the mod area! Think of this as a great learning experience! If you lose then take it like a man - come back stronger and more determined to do better! Losing should actually make you better in the long run! I can see people really benefiting from this and learning much.

Main battle rules:

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT - Respect peoples wishes if they do not wish to battle - If someone abuses any one or badgers them regarding a challenge I will jump up and down on them repeatedly until very sore. If your challenge is refused then your post will be edited to say "Challenge Refused"
2. Do NOT enter a battle if you do not intend to complete it!
3. If you drop out of a battle 2x then you will not be allowed to battle for 12 months! (a bit harsh I know )
4. You must show progress all the way through out - starting with you plan, then regular updates. Do not use already built parts. (for an example of this visit the main sm challenge area run by M)
5. Do not sulk if you lose (well you can - but do it privately)
6. NEVER interfere with other battles! you can of course post comments etc but do not enter with you own wips.
7. Make sure that you both accept and understand the rules before starting - ie: Is it textured? Is it in a scene? etc
8. Other software users such a s lightwave may enter - just make it clear what you are using upfront - but NO touch ups in Photoshop or any gfx editing application
9. PLE is allowed.
10. Have fun and learn much!

The battle will be decided by poll at the end of your battle... see here:


Let the battles commence!
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