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good advice
Interesting. About 12 years ago when I was first looking into 3D apps for the Mac a programmer at a StrataVision seminar was talking about nurbs. I had been under the impression that nurbs were the easy way to model since. Maybe this had something to do with high poly count models and the slow processing speed of Macs at that time. It now seems like polygon is the modeling procedure that is used as a standard.

After downloading the Maya PLE and playing with it I had to purchase the program due to the ease of manipulating objects in the 3D space. So now it is just a matter of learning the process. Sounds like polygon modeling is a good start.

I appreciate the advice.


Originally posted by DgAPc
I'm not sure, but I think nurbs is something from the past. It used to be that all characters where modeled in nurbs for movie productions, but not no more. I believe that polys or subdivision are used more now. Most the time when you finish modeleding in nurbs you will evently convert to polys. Animating characters and texture organic things are easier in polys. Agian there's still people that use Nurbs for characters, but not as much. For a beginner I recomend that you learn how to use poly's first to create characters. Patch modeling is more for advanced users. If you want to learn how to patch model there's video tutorials at ****** website. There Organic modeling 1 and 2. Thats the only patch modeling tutorials that I know of. But there very expensive. One DVD is $69.
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