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HUGE rendering problem - batch render different than single frame
Hello to all.

I am sorry that my first post for this great communitiy is a cry for help... but I desperately need some help. And sorry for my crappy English.

To cut the long story short, my wife and I are taking a course in video animation and so far we come a long way. Started 3 months ago we had no clue about 3D modeling or animation and now we are practically done with our scene, ready to render. But, here came our biggest problems yet...and it's 7 day until our project is due.

Batch render doesn't work as we expected, or as it should...but single frame render does. We started animating our cameras and objects, and we made some changes to some objects after that, moving them and creating some new lights, etc. Those objects and lights that we change don't show in batch rendered images at all!! For example, if we moved an object just a few units to the right, that object didnt show in batch render any more..same with lights...

we are frustrated, its a big problem for us cause we have to be done with our project in 7 days and we started to do single frame render and save them one by one as stills.. but we are dead tiered and not even half way done..

if anyone has any idea why this happens and what to do ti fix this, please help 2 desperate souls.
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