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After reading the description of the new challenge I think you have nail the biggest problem some have with these challenges. Setting out clearly what your after.

I have always treated these like uni projects - given a brief and run with it within the guild lines and using my own take on it. Some times I like the complete freedom these challenges have here, sometimes I don`t - but then you can always ask a question here without having your head bitten off unlike other sites. One example I can think of was low poly vehicle challenge were the winning entry provided no poly-count, wire-frame and was textured with shadders (not textured which was in the brief). My only nag is the lack of good wip`s in some peoples entries, but then I post every step so not perfect myself.

I love the challenges here and would do them with no money - I think the new team running them have done a great job getting more involved and although they are not as out there as Mikes old challenges - miss you mike - they are still great fun.

It is nice to hear what the judges have to say about each of the entries but then again - how much time would that take. Going though the old threads I am probably the most experience challenge participant here (number 24 with the next one - my god that makes me feel old) and its safe to say my work is 100% better because of the feedback I get of everyone in the w.i.p.s. And even with my entry not taking any place this time (never thought it would as I was not here for a good chunk of the time) I am still chuffed that the maya side of the site took 3 out of the 4 winning slots.

Yes I have my own personal feeling about entries but as I said not the judge - glad I am not (could not take part if I was) - and this one, more than ever, was so close. I will say that none of the top 4 would have won in my book - but its not because of their skills.
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