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Particle Flocker - Real-Time Particle Flocking System for Autodesk Maya
Hi Guys

Not so long ago I released a plug-in for Autodesk Maya called "Particle Flocker". Its basically a real-time particle based flocking system and it allows you to create realistic flocking animations really quickly and efficiently using Maya's dynamics system. Its editable in real-time and it very easy to use.

Here's the website:

Its also available on the Autodesk Exchange store.

Basically I wanted to get some general feedback and ask if anyone has any suggestions where I might be able to market this type of plug-in. I am sure it could be really handy to animators and FX artists alike, but I just want to try and get the word out there and let the right people know about it.

Also if anyone has any feedback regarding the plug-in itself or suggestions for how it could be improved please get in touch.

Thanks guys

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