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Oh sorry, I didn't think it was vague. I guess I was the only one that could understand what I

Ok here I screen cap what I wanted to do. I already have a left smirk, so I want to make another duplicate of it, but with a right smirk.

I didn't try instancing before, since instancing is just an interactive way to model both side at once.

I've already got the object I want to mirror, so instancing wouldn't do me anygood as far as I know.

Methods I've tried.
I used mirror blendshapes in koshigaya studios, but that kept crashing my computer, so it didn't work.

I've tried duplicating with a -x axis scale. I've tried mirror geo.
I've tried reversing scale on the base object, free transformation, to get rid of the -1 x scale and duplicate, that didn't work either.

Is there a script that would do this? I don't think maya has a built in mirror blendshape tool.

I hope that was clear.
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