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how do I get keyframes to show up on the time line when I open Maya (2020)

having a minor issue on getting keyframes to show up on the time line when I open Maya (2020)...I never had this issues in other versions, I just installed 2020 and I've been having to select Ctrl+Shift+A every time I open a scene that has keyframes to make them show up on the time line...I selected active in preferences>time slider>key ticks but that doesn't I am working with a new scene and when I hit Ctrl+Shift+A when the cursor is on the time line it selects all of the objects in the scene and does not show my key frames (it's only happening for this particular tutorial scene)...before you ask lol, yes, I am selecting the object and yes there have been movements made to show keyframes for, yes autokey is (always) on and yes I'm in the graph editor too (as always). I can of course set a new key (S) but that's not the issue, I want my keys to show up when I open the scene, not have to retrieve them every time....

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