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Rigging a Whip - problem with connecting controllers


I am a beginner in rigging , i created a rig for a whip that i need, the animator requested for as little controllers as possible, so i did that, i have 6 controllers all together. each , controls 5 joints in the y rotation.

It would be great if i could get help on this issue.... :

How do i get the controls themselves to follow each other....?

I tried parenting, constraining grouping ect.....but it doesnt work as expeceted.( there is an offset between them)

I have a feeling i need some sort of expression or something more complex to achieve this...

Any help would be apprecieated!!!

this is the controller setup:
Click image for larger version

Name:	w1.PNG
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Click image for larger version

Name:	w2.PNG
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Name:	w3.PNG
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Basically each controller has a connection to 5 joints (just the y rotation)