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Simply Maya User Tutorials
I got to thinking and don't you think this site would be a whole lot more popular if you made a section for your very own users at Simply Maya to make and give out their tutorials?

You could just add another section to the forums called "User Tutorials" or whatever. Then you could have a Sticky with a simple guideline to how the tutorials should be posted.

For example, the sticky could say:

1. Please host any images included in your tutorial on or other free image hosting sites.

2. Please make the tutorial step by step so it can be easily understood.

3. State in your first post that you are currently posting your tutorial so viewers can know not to post just yet. Then edit the post to give viewers permission to post.

Users Viewing the Tutorial:

1. Please respect wether or not a tutorial is under construction (e.g. Don't post yet if the author has stated not to do so)

2. Give feedback on the tutorial so the author can make it better.

End of Sticky.

This way newcomers and even experienced members can learn new tips, tricks, methods, and more.

Tell me what you all think.

EDIT: Before someone attempts to say it.... Yes of course I've noticed the Tutorials/Blueprints section. That's for links to tutorials. I'm talking about people making their own tutorials on here.
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