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OMG!!! I actually cant believe I won!!
I honestly thought that stwert had this one.
Congrats to tweetytunes and Stwert
Thanks guys......drinks on me tonight!

@mastone: I understand what your saying. I repect your opinion but I do think you are being a bit unfair. I did indeed follow criteria.
"...I would like to see a new take or look of a game character of your choice that is already out there, you can style it/make it into whatever you like...."
I feel, I did exactly that.......and i did made it clear what I was planning to do in my thread. I even provided concept sketches on the final look of the characters before I even touched Maya. Even you yourself you had no issues. why didnt you voiced your concern at that initial stage?
Why wait till after the results?

"From Concept to Completion"
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