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Rendering polymesh from fluids for a newbie : such challenge
Hello (sorry if any english mistakes i m french speaking)
I am using Maya 2018 with both Arnold and Iray renderer and just starting learning basic effects (Nfluids Nparticles)

I dont know if its a problem english langage not well understood
but I cant pass this step...cause of rendering the fluids...I mean the polymesh exported.

I dont know or understand, once the fluid exported to a polymesh, what to do..(light sure but....
What kind of shader to put , how to set it up, to render I know how to make the render to be animated (let's say I would like to have a animation over 200 frames). And if there is something to keyframe .

I RTFM of maya..and cant get all the points and how in pratical way (nodes connexions/settings) how animations
colors, are passed to the polymesh and shader ..

If you can re-explain me the process or even giving me visual example of nodes or file examples as complement
it could help me more than so many confusing english sentences I found in the maya online doc or different threads (shading per vertex, color per vertex motion etc..)

My head is confused and explode , I always find 1st part of fuild making on youtube not the last part of shadering/rendering...quit upseting.

If it can help you to help me, I want to make a kind of yellow/gold fire smoke fluid (to make a kind of Halo) that I will use later on a animated characater (front of him..unless I use character mesh to be emitter itself)

tks for help


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