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Really nice hard surface work Paldav. I have been following this thread for a long time.

I am really impressed by your modeling and texturing skills. Lately I have become very interested in hard surface modeling.

I wish someone would put together a detailed hard surface modeling tutorial.

The things I would like to see on the modeling side would be some examples of fine detailing and when and HOW to use normal maps for detailing. Dango77 makes great use of normal maps on his space ship challenge entry. I have never seen any demos or tuts that cover adding that kind of surface detail using normal maps. A lot of the simply Maya masters here make good use of the technique, I have just never seen it discussed.

3D-Palace has a number of highly detailed 3ds hard surface tutorials but he hard models every little detail and ends up with models that have 8 gazzillion polygons and are 5 GB in size that would take a life time to actually texture map. lol

Keep up the great work!
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