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April Challenge-Low Poly Character-Tweetytunes-Ada from Parsite Eve
I am going to do the lovly Ada from Parasite Eve 1+2. One of the most underrated games I have ever played - and still the only ever game I have imported because sony thought it was a good Idea not to release this in the UK. Eeeerrrrr.

This really is the only game (apart from FF7) I wish they would remake.

Any way in both games the character was kick ass - but done up too much like a sexy icon (A little bit like what they did to tombraider 2 up words) - so I`m going to bring it back to a much more realistic level. They also did not do good job with her face. She was meant to be part Asian part American but looks like a cheap manga character. Therefor I am going to be using the actress Dichen Lachman as ref as she is part asian and part Australian (close enough i think) and started in the show "Doll house" where she was put into a number of different action scenes that are perfect ref for my character. (I have all eps on Bluray) But plz note this will not be a photo perfect match to Dichen - just more a likeness.

Dichen ref images

Lets see where this takes me .....

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