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Does Maya have edge tracking extrude?

I made a designed wall, and I want to surround it along the outline of my building.
But when I have to change the angle of the wall that follows, I am experiencing great discomfort.
Now I'm aligning the wall to the angle, cutting and merging the protruding parts with boolean.
The angle of a single bend can be at least like this, but a wall with a circular curve can't be like this.
This work is very, very inefficient.

I know about nurbs curve tracking extrude function.

But, can't extrude along the edge of a polygon?

I'm not used to handling nurbs curves, and they're not perfectly drawn along the outline of the walls I've made in advance.
I think it would be most accurate if there was a technique to extend along the edge to surround a wall that had an angle, size, and shape that exactly matched my wall outline.

modify->convert->polygon to curve is also not working well.....

How can do this in Maya?

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