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Download Links Not Working - 403 Forbidden
Hello Folks - can anyone help resolve this "Download Problem"

I’m getting "403 Forbidden" when trying to Download (DL) certain SimplyMaya 3D projects. Sometimes I get lucky and I am able to DL part1 of 25..etc. It is also true that I have been able to DL all 22 links of the “Chef Ramsey” Project and all 27 DL links of “Realistic Outdoor Environments” Plus the 8 scenes. Still most of my “Your Downloads” links don’t work. Why does this keep happening when myAccount is listed as ”LifeTime Membership"? Is it just me or are other members having this same problem? Is there a fix for this? Presently I’m using Firefox, Opera and sometimes Safari, whatever one seems to be working at the time.

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