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Thanks for your replies. I've seen this dvd of gnomon, the most problem is the ocean-surface - i can make it look like in this tutorial, but that wont look real, far away of the animation in the 3dmax-example.

steve green, amazing artist who did the animation, talks about using the enviroment sss shader in 3d max. if i use a dielectric or mia material - i'll get parts of the ocean, that refract 100 percent, a sharp cut, and the rest will reflect the underwater surface (deep blue in my scene). i've activated the translucent function in my mia material, but that wont get me further - the look doesnt change.

maybe somebody has an idea of a shader network for an underwater ocean surface, that gets close to the 3dmax example? would be great, if we could share our ideas!

thanks again!

btw: i thought caustics are just useful, if i have a ground, where you see them - does they be visible in the ocean surface too? please let me know, what exactly you mean, greets!

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