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Default March Challenge - Environment Creation

Well you all wanted it by the look of it, so you got it!!

Yep time to go let loose those imaginations boys and girls, so go an create an Environment.

It can be of anything you want - you can take something that has already been done say in a movie or game or you can create your own version of how you would have done it, or simply create an original from the darkest corners of your imagination.

I dont mind what software you use, Terragen, vue, Maya, Zbrush - as long as it looks good at the end of the day, and I would like to see textures and lighting thrown in too to make it as good as possible.

If you want to do a matte painting version that is fine, you could use a rendered Terragen/Vue image and put 3d objects into a 2d image like in one of the previous challenges and get it all to look good with the right photos though this time, unless you need a sky of course, other than that off you go.

Deadline is the end of March.

Please do the usual naming of you threads please: March Challenge - Environment - Your Name

have fun, and no arguing! We'll announce the prize out along the way, Im sure it will be worth it!!


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