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Thanks again for the input. My rendering and lighting still needs a lot of work. To get highlights like in the photos, would it just be a dome with a ramp on it? or would there be anything else in the scene? Also I don't have any lights. I just used a black image with random white spots on it. lol. I think I might model a very simple showroom type environment for this project in the next few days once I get homework out of the way.

It just takes a lot of practice and patience. This is actually the 4th car I have modeled. The first two were terrible. (skyline r32, and dodge challenger) The third wasn't great. (audi r8 with jets) This car still has a few mistakes. I put a black blinn on everything after I was done modeling and I noticed that I had some uneven highlights and pinching in certain places. I started with one polygon plane, and just started extruding edges, and blocking in the geo.
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