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Default UV map and snap edges

hi guys,

I have been watching Kurt in the UV mapping of the Spitfire and I cant seem to replicate his moves. For starters my 'g' key wont repeat the last command (works everywhere else). When Kurt highlights the edges for sew and move he selects all edges needed and others not related and they snap and move just fine (ie on the wheel well). So lets say he needs to snap the external edges on a circle for the move and sew, then snaps the first lot. He then picks all of those edges he just snapped INCLUDING all of the ones NOT related to the move and sanps again, presto they go to the correct area.

When I try this they go nuts and end up all over the place, I have checked and played with the settings in the tool and nothing seems to work???? I have googled and tried the help in Maya itself but it is pretty lean and vague on this.

If I have double posted (I did a search) just the link to the post would be good, Im sure this question has arisen before. My repeat key doesnt work either, I assume it is a Maya glitch.

cheers bullet:headbang:

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