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Default Flash Drive animation WIP

Alright so I'm planning on doing something I've never done, animating. This is what I have planned. I'm modeling a flash drive, I'm also taking video of my computer desk, once I'm finished modeling and rigging up the flash drive I'm going to attempt putting the modeled flash drive in the video. I will be sitting in my chair then get up and walk off the scene, the flash drive will have arms and legs that pop out, it'll get up and jump off the desk, maybe do something to the desk to, but I'll have to model a few more objects for something like that.

Thats my plan anyway, wish me luck!

Here is a picture of the flash drive I'm modeling:

And here is the modeling I have done



Non-smoothed Wireframe:

What I was thinking was having set driven keys to make the arms and legs pop out but my only question is how would I rig the arms and legs with joints if they're in a more condensed form inside the flash drive?
- Mike
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