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@nextdesign I will get more deeply into nodes and grouping ( i think i get the idea on what is necessary about the texturing process.)
Dave thanks for your reply, to tell the truth, mapping is whole different thing to explore for me. I am stuck into modelling the right way.

A couple of more questions... You dont have to answer spesificly all things mentioned here, I will try to explain what confuses me. Bec i need some guidence on how to progress my learning from this point where ive come...

While modelling, i had no knowledge of texturing i still have poor knowledge. And the tutorials i followed didnt get into texturing. This tutorial process (on the pictures) only showed some basic material building with maya and just applied them on the parts of model. I would like to learn more about texturing now, but when i started modelling my own work, i started to stumble upon some issues, or things i can't decide whether they are really issues i have to fix during modelling process or they are normal aspects of modelling.
The first picture shows some triangles, between the lines which forms the bewel. When i create materials and simply apply them on the object it looks fine but i dont think basic texturing will look professional. I can simply delete the tri edges and leave a gap between the bewel lines but as i heard in different tutorials, tris and edge flow is important to consider while modelling. When i try to do my models, i start thinking too much about what to do and not and can't decide which is the right way to do. So my question is, should i leave my self free on these kind of issues?

2nd picture is the complete model, i was learning the aspects of modelling and didnt even think about texture process. I started learning the basics of texturing and UV mapping and other tools to texture. Now, since softwares are improoving very fast, i started to think there should be better and ways to texture, and maybe the tutorials i watched are out of date somehow. The workflow is changing and i can't decide which to follow. When i started to learn about UV mapping and preparing maps, i turned back to my complete model (picture 2) and realised its almost impossible to unwrap this with all the bewels and geometry. And i still have issues like tris and weird geometry.

Should i worry about the texture process while modelling in every way, or should i stick with the look and feel of the model without thinking about the UV mapping process. Now that i know about some other ways of texturing i still don't know what to worry about while modelling. I searched through alot of video tutorials about workflow and modelling, and couldnt find the thing i need. Maybe i need something like filling the gap between different processes like modelling, texturing and animating....
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