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my imagination.., maybe they are for real?? maybe some people really do need my help.., though i cant imagine i could help them much with maya.., id have thought Steve or Si would be mmore appropriate to ask??

anyway, i was just asking and now i have an answer.., the answer i wanted.., thanks

'quote' oh shoot that is what I am doing wrong i click on them and thoguht I would have a ten foot long penis that quick ..hmmmmmmm and man it did not happen ..maybe i should read them instead of just clicking lol 'quote'
uckily i didnt click..,

Matt, your still watching the threads eh.., put your modeling where your mouth/mouse is
hope things are ok, but by the tone of the reply .., your humor sounds .., well, im not sure im laughing., i could have thought of other ways to get a laugh, .., no problem., hope your OK
take it easy and life will be easy

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