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@Rhetoric Camel: For your dog walk in the park yes For dog modeling you should be able to build quite well on the techniques in the cartoon dog or the quadrupeds modeling, I'm not much of a modeler but either adding resolution to build a high res mesh from the cartoon dog or sculpting out muscle definition and bump mapping based on the quadruped should give you that just base it on your own dog refs.

For lighting content we'll have lots I love this field and it's not well covered. We'll do mental ray both for specific shaders and indirect illumination, we'll do interior lighting with direct illumination and physical sun and sky plus exterior illumination. I'm actually building a scene now to use it's based on a park around the corner from my house so you should like it. Hopefully I'll get some water in as well and both day and night time lighting. It's gonna take a while though, end of january probably so might work with the dog walk timing.
I suppose you could just build off the cartoon dog, but like Jay said, it is much harder than meets the eye. I was thinking the dog in a newer tutorial would include using maya fur.
I love the sounds of the lighting tutorials, been dying for some of these!! I'm going to start saving my money now. Can't wait to see the park around the corner from your house. You nailed it, all these tutorial ideas I have are for my dog walk/play at the park scene. Which of course I'm still working on Uv'ing and texturing. So I have time. End of January sounds like I now have a slight deadline to try to meet, haha.

Hey Nilla

lol rock on!! I like the sound of that too

Rhetoric camel:Thats kind of interesting doing the more realistic dog model. I actually found theres mored to the dog anatomy than first meets the eye. The eyes area is quite interesting around the lacrimal (tearducts) have a look. I did a few hero dogs and tons of blendshapes on Marmaduke earlier in the year and last year and I tell you it was not an easy job to do...anyway its a good idea for a tute.

See those are the things I wasn't even thinking, things like the tearducts and so on. It would be a great tutorial, even if it wasn't a household dog, it could be a wolf instead. Pretty close to the same thing, and who wouldn't enjoy modeling a realistic wolf?

Dog's are really tricky to draw as well, you're absolutely right Jay abot the anatomy, I have problems as soon as I try to make something different than Pluto. You should have a look at Jay's showreel on his site Rhetoric Camel, he's got a really interesting shot of a talking CG dog in it.

For tut it sounds great then, I look forward to watching you go back and remake all those blendshapes Jay
I've been to Jay's page, must have missed the talking CG dog, have to look again.

Just a idea
A lot of people have access to cam corders, putting special effect with them.....dave
That was one of the ideas I couldn't think of, thanks for reminding me and posting it dave! It would be great to take a 1 minute video or something and using maya tracking/maya live to incorporate 3d models and/or fx into the video. I've been dying to know how to do this realistically too, would love to incorporate a model or two that I have into some video I have and make it look like that little CG character is really talking to a real person.

Alright I'm done loading you guys up with tutorials..... for now anyway!
- Mike
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