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We took the cartoon dog away with the new site, to make space for tutorials in newer versions of Maya and teach more diverse modeling techniques

But download what's in the free section it should get you started and give you an idea of what's going on. We're also adding tutorials here in the next few days.

If you're looking for paid for tutorials on modeling in Maya this site has more than any other, and the content here is also the best for quality and getting results. If you look here you'll find the subcategories for modeling

What's better to watch would depend on how much you already know in max, for beginners I'd go with the introduction to organic modeling, interior design or a low poly character as it gets you started and includes a few tools without being too much at once.
If you're already quite comfortable modeling I'd do the Sand Speeder because it includes so many different tools, or the Apache as it basically teaches you half of Maya in one tutorial but both these are long and quite difficult to complete for someone new to modeling. My favorite tutorial on the site is Chef Ramsay because it describes the production workflow in character modeling and takes rigging into consideration. As well it shows UV layout and texturing so you get a good overview.

Remember F1 for the Maya help files and there's also some free basics training on Autodesk's site which is good.

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