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Maya file and Project lost/disappeared, Help PLEASE
On sep 04 I was working on one project, I didn't save it as project but just saved it on desktop later drop it on a folder.

I have the render images of this file, but I can not find the maya file. I search and search and search and opened every maya file one by one and I checked every file and folder.

I searched with ( date, file type, modified date....etc) , but no trace of this maya file.

Is any way so I can find my maya file , I really need this file.

So please tell me about maya history and log file, maya recently opened file.......

I may renamed it or accidentally dropped it on a folder due the busy or late night work.

I dont know what really happened, so please tell how can I trace this file through maya history , render images? ......etc

Any help would be great. So please if you know something say something,

I'm pulling out my hair...

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