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Default Line Art

Hi all, I was abit reluctant to post after seeing some of the stuff here and the various links, plus I think this is my first post on here. But here's some of my drawings from over the years.

The original drawing was by an artist from games workshop. I decided to hand draw it in Dpaint on the Amiga many years back. The Worf one Icopied one from a Star Trek poster about the same time, took me about 72 hrs.

The skulls in this one I have original drawings and traced them together to form what you see here, originally designs for tattoos (exscuse the tea stain on the right, lol). The Cloud 9 series, I did originally plan to do a whole series of drawings, but ended up doing ony a few.

The focal point of this one was the sword & snake, notice the skull again which I took from an original I did years ago.

I did this one ina couple of lunch breaks a few years back, the dragon looking over the top I rescanned and painted in photoshop.

Although not concept drawings I do plan to do the Space Marine, the Cloud 9 wizard and the Sword & Snake in maya, but they are a long way off yet. I'm still learning

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