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No mate, I realised that I had merged the small borders after I posted the vid, I went back and changed that. Im having trouble with my duplicate special though, I cant seem to duplicate the barrel upwards as quick as you?? and when I do they dont seem to line up across the cylinder top. I have tried moving the pivot point etc but it still wont do it. I thought I had reflection on again but its not. Hmmmmm more thinking I reckon. @ 7.22 in the vid you seem to make 1 copy then suddenly 3 more right on top of each other without having to manually manipulate them into position. I try it in D Special but it doesnt seem to acheive it (close but no cigar).

Cheers bullet

P.S I just did it the long way, by observing the 'Y' translation measurement and applying it in D special x 3

"A Darkness at Sethanon", a book I aspire to model some of the charcters and scenes

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