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mastone you just made me laugh, I haven't read your thread before and those initial eyebrows were just super It's shaped up really nicely since then, good resemblence on the model.

I just wanted to give you a tip on the light leak because it's quite distracting, you should try setting up a blocker it's a very common thing to do when you have these problems I use it a lot in rooms where the walls are just one poly thick because this can cause leaks even if you have geometry properly merged sometimes. It looks like your leak's happening in a very narrow area where the hat bends, so either add some thickness or create the blocker from a plane or thin cube and make it very narrow so it doesn't cast shadows on the rest of the hat, from what I can see you just need to cover the edge at the seam. If you go into render stats and turn of primary visibility it won't be visible in your renders, and if you're going for a still at the right angle it would save you some time.

For the skin I think he's looking a bit to pale now, at least on my monitor, when you get back to textures again try working on the material and getting some spec to bring it to life. I'm not sure where you're doing your final renders, but even if it's not in Maya you might want to check out Zap Andersson's tut on sss shaders because it covers a bit about light scatter on skin and could be used as a reference for other materials. I found it very helpful a while back when I was rendering with some of Kurt's old color maps.

Look forward to seeing the new improved eyebrows
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