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Two quick general tips and then I'll try to explain this.
1. Don't add geometry after you UV map
2. Don't texture map until the model is done, this includes smoothing.

Okay, those tips should help you avoid what happened here. When you smoothed, you added geometry. Since the mesh has varying spans that will be smoothed, the result will be texture distortion since the added geometry give added UVs, this uneven addition of geometry makes the texture get "squished" or "stretched" between the UVs. Thing in terms of resolution, if a 1"x1" at 72dpi in stretched to 2"x1" without changing the dpi then you'd get rectangular pixels. This is basically what is causing the bullseye to get squished. As for the squilly bits, that is due to the way maya tried to insert the new UVs. You can select the ziz-zag pattern of UVs and scale them to zero in what appears to be the Y axis. You might also be able to move them in Y to correct the distortion.

Or.. you could remove the texture, remap then reapply the texture. Your call.

Other than this little hiccup, I'd say it's coming along nicely. maybe just lower the specularity a tad.

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