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i dun have ICQ, but maybe you could just make a playblast of it and upload the playblast here of what your thing does.

Just upload the playblast as a zipped .AVI vid

Oh, and BTW, about the commercially viable thing, I kinda doubt it. It could much ease the animator's job, but it really can't substitute you doing everything by hand.

Like the ENDORPHIN program, but you still have to set taht up in terms of skelleton, IK setup, and really, not many pleople use it (that I know of) apart from the demo version.

And also, I have a question:

Can this thing work on any model, or do you have a single model that it runs on?

Do you have to specify, like, what faces are the knees, and which ones are the elbows, neck, etc?

That would turn out to be more bothersome to do then joint setup and IK! Atleast for me.

So anyway... I am still waiting for you to upload a vid of what that thing can do.

cYa LaTeR,
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