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Sorry can't help you out much as i know little about C# or C++ but Visual Studio.Net is free for a year

No doubt to penetrate the market and overprice it later (windows :angery: )

Originally posted by skywola
What I would like to do is find someone who writes plug-ins who might be interested in coding it as a plug-in, and maybe make some $$ on it. I have spent about two and a half years of testing, code-writing, and re-writing this project in MEL. I copyrighted it, and I guess I am just to LAZY to re-learn C and then learn how to write plug-ins in Maya . . . I have already looked at some of the material on writing plug-ins in maya, and it don't look easy by any stretch of the imagination. I don't have Visual either, so that kind of limits my ability to write Maya 6.0 or greater plug-ins. If only thay had a compiler for maya that creates a binary from MEL code . . . . I guess I am really dreaming now . . . .
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