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I'm using a 12x12 and I just love it!

You have to be aware that you'll need to do broad, long strokes with a 12x12 (or even a 9x12 A4) device, but that's what I love.

If you're running a dual-display setup, the 12x12 tablet has the additional advantage that you can use the oversized (bottom) part in quickpoint mode to navigate the second monitor.

That way, you map the 9x12 (A4) part to your main display and the quickpoint area operates the whole desktop over both monitors.

This is the setup I use, even though I have an additional Intuos2 A6 tablet (I found out about the quickpoint thing too late user added image ) for the 2nd display.

At least here in germany the USB versions are actually cheaper than the serial tablets.

And as far as eBay goes: I found that, for some reason, the offered Wacoms are way to overpriced, at least the Intuos2 series.

I have seen people trying to sell their used wacoms for a price that tops the average street price, so be careful.

So what's left to say...hmm...well...GO FOR IT! user added image

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