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'm looking for tutorials, to create all kind of shoes...
i dont know any universal "shoe making" tutorial, but keep on looking. You will find the answer by urself.

but how do i cut meshes with curves?
You dont cut mesh with curve. You cut patchs(nurbs surface) with curves.

After selecting a curve and a surface, go to Surface menu set.
Edit NURBS > Project Curve on Surface.
The surface will be cut by the curve.

Then, select the surface again.
Goto Edit NURBS > Trim Tool.
Select the part of the surface(you will see blue point appearing after clicking) which you want to keep and then press enter.

For Boolean:
Create two objects, a circle and a cylinder(whatever), then goto Edit NURBS > Booleans.Test different combination(circle first, cylinder second or cylinder first, circle second) of selection and check what they do.There will be total 6 combinations for 2 object.

I think, you should spend some more time on practicing different tools before actually trying to make something.
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