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Originally posted by ctbram
For the polygon version I just booleaned the upper cutting surface used for the nurbs version with the surface that formed the foot shape.

The image you refer too was for creating all the surfaces for the nurbs version. If you just take the top surface and convert it from nurbs to polys you have the top surface of the show as a poly surface.

Once you have that top surface in polygonal form you just have to extrude all the faces straight down. Then I just moved some of the verts back up to form the area between the toe and the heal and also insert a few edge loops.

If you are still confused let me know. I have been having fun playing with camtasia and I will make you a video.
thx, would be nice to have a video of this, if it's not to much work for you! thx anyway... 'm confused about what settings i'll best used with the conversion from nurbs to polygons..
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