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Jay wrote:
Hi all i just went to see the new indy movie and just like starwars i have to say it was a big dissapointment .
what spielberg and lucas once knew of storytelling is long gone
i really loved the previous installments just as i liked the previous installments of starwars.
everyone talks about the great steven spielberg and the great storyteller george lucas, but to be quite frank i just
hope they quite, next time they make a new jaws whom due to a nuclear accident doesn't need the ocean to survive and becomes twice as big and has wings...
Oh they havent forgotten how to tell stories, they just don't want to write them themselves anymore, and movies don't revolve around story anymore. There doesn't seem to be a intrest in "Story" anymore in movies today. I work at a theater and the people who come in really don't care for it. I have talked to many people about this subject. It's all about money, marketablity and timing now. Movies are way too corporate now, and creative story telling doesn't sell tickets like bix FX movies with hot actors do.

Big flashy budgets seem to be the norm now and alot of studios boast about how expensive their movie is especially when it rakes the budget and more back in just the first 2 weeks of theactrical release. That is the problem with movies today. It's all about money.

I'm also getting tired of all the remakes. Why cant they just re-release the origional and just bring it up to date with the FX work. Now some movies do need a remake, but for most, why bother if the origional movie still has a strong following today. I heard sometime last year that they were going to remake Arnold Schwarzeneger's Total Recall. Heh, who knows, mabe a remake of Jurassic Park might in the near future. It's 20th anniversary is just 4 years away. I wouldn't put it past hollywood in the least.
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