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[SOLVED] Rotating Main Controller Twists Hips/Ankle Problem
I've got a problem with my simple bipedal rig, everything is fine when the main control is at 0, but when it is rotated 180 the character's ankles and hips twist around. It looks like the skeleton is not rotating with the mesh.

Here is the character at 0,0,0 - this is fine:

This is when the character is rotated by 180 - the leg joints don't seem to rotate:

I have 2 leg IKs with point constraints and orient constraints at the ankle.
My hip has a point constraint and an orient constraint but no IK or Spline.

Here is my hierarchy for my controllers and leg IKs:

Here are my hip and leg joints:

All of my controllers had transformations frozen and I have oriented the joints.
Please help!

EDIT: So I appear to have fixed the problem myself! If anyone else has this issue you need to use a pole vector constraint on the knee joint to keep it pointing in the right direction. I feel like an idiot now considering my arms already had pole vectors on!

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