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Ocean Shader & 3D Fluids Crashing
Artanoon all

I've been playing around with the tutorials on Maya 7 for a coupla weeks now and have run into a bug.

While following the Ocean shader tutorial it says to open the attribute editor and open the Ocean Attributes section to adjust wave sizes and the graphs etc. BUT every time I go to open the ocean attributes section Maya freezes and crashes. This has been the only recurring bug I've found in Maya so far, does anyone have any tips on how to fix it?

My process to get to the crash are as follows

Open Maya


Fluid Effects, Ocean, created ocean

Open Attribute editor

Under Ocean Shader 1 click "Ocean Attributes"

Grey boxes appear, some distorted, Maya freezes

My computer's running Windows XP sp2 with 1gb RAM

All the best



Editing attributes of an emitter in a 3D fluid container also causes a crash

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