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Hi, no if you mean Do I see more detail using voxels instead of points, - no.

Have I tried scaling down the voxel scale - do you mean the master voxel scale? Its already at .05 I can't go much lower than that without stuff getting weird.

Some buggy things i've noticed is that if my mvs goes too low, I guess it generates too many particles for my gpu to even compute and therefore shows nothing when in points display. Also sometimes I lose the ability to view voxels, I'm thinking i've gone too small in mvs.. but once it breaks, i can never see voxels again. - I'm currently just using points and flipping the mesh on and off. =p

after looking into some other tutorials, I've noticed changing the mesh attributes can help when you can't go smaller in mvs. Surface Radius and Resolution factors seem to let me get some finer looking details. However its really slow modifying these values so I have to be happy with the general motion of the sim first.
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