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Originally Posted by vladimirjp View Post
the body dont match the head imo. i would make him more bulky or less muscles
Hey Vlad, thanks for the feedback, don't know if I agree though. I may have been looking at it for too long though, but I was aiming for the heavy looking head, with the thick hide, and the more human (exaggerated) body anatomy like the original mythological descriptions... with a modern edge with the feet. Not that it really matters as he'll be covered in fur on those regions. Decided against sculpting the fur, though I did do a version with fur, but instead I'm going to use A Shave and Haircut to do the fur sim, as I feel it will look better in a production aimed portfolio.

Thanks for the feedback.

@Dave: Ok, no probs.

@BrianM: Cheers, appreciate the comments.

@Steve: Cheers man.... I'm not sure how you're meant to tell what hand the bows it meant for... I assume you are going based on the groove the arrow rests in? I've never touched a bow before in my life. lol, so any tips would be great.

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