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Default Music Video

Ok im a little reluctant to put this up due to the awesome level of work on this site but i thought it would be kind of cool to look back in a couple of years to see how far i progress in Maya.

Anyway, i've just finished my 3rd year group project in Napier University which was a music video for the band Enemy Poets. Before you watch it though i just want to point out that this is the first animation any of us in the group had ever done so its pretty twitchy in points and our timing is out a bit with lip syncing a few times but all in all i think we did pretty well in a really short space of time. We basically had to learn as we went

Anyway id be grateful if you folks could watch it and rip it to shreds if you really want to but as its a prototype your feedback would be appreciated. There are obvious things that need fixed but just let me know what you think! Thanks everyone! I think! lol!!

YouTube - Enemy Poets - The Time
This train is insane!!
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