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A couple of more animation questions
Hi folks. Ive been continuing to slowly mock up the animation for my Hind helicopter scene. But I've hit another couple of snags. Im thinking both these problem's answer might lie in the same area, but Im not sure...the books I have dont address these issues.

The first one is attaching the Hind to a motion path. The Hind is sitting on the lift shaft, and I have keyframed the lift and the helicopter identically so that they both rise up at the same time, start and stop at the same place...etc - but - I then need to attach the helicopter to a motion path for the take-off part of the animation. But because the helicopters translate Y channel already has keyframes set on it, it's not allowing me to attach it to the animation path. Is their a way around this? Theres only two keyframes on the translate Y channel, one at frame 20, and one at about 360. Im trying to attach the motion path at about frame 410.

My second question is about the pre and post-infinity options that you can set on keyframes. On the landing lights on the platform I have keyframed the lights flashing on and off at the start of the timeslider,and then set the post-infinity option to cycle. Considering it is called 'post-INFINITY', is it very stupid of me to wonder whether this can be disabled later on in the animation. When the lift gets to the top, and, skylight, I want the lights to turn off, but they would still be turning on and off for a good 360 frames before that. Is their some way I can convert the 360 frames I already have to keyframes, without manually cutting and pasting lots of frames? Or will I just need to key the whole lot? I notice theres a cycle with offset option, but having read about this, I dont think that'll be suitable as it tails off the animation rather than cutting it dead... - This is a link to a playblast of what I have so far
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