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Here you go. One ear. Im not sure how you'll be able to decipher the direction of the polys as its a little jumbled there.

The ear was made from 8polys starting on the side of the head, then basically extruded and spun faces to get stuff into position as a subd. This way I dont cut into the head itself and end up with unecessary tris.

Looks very nice, my wife is a Hindu and we have a couple of these in the house, the expression is very good, the serene smile. Watch out for the 'topo' around that pole area on the cheek, the polys differ quite a bit on the way toward the mouth, try and keep them as square as the model will allow, this way your uvs will be less of a headache. Thats basically a rule I try and stick with on most models, obviously there are exceptions though.

Interesting looking dude. My crit would be to bring that forehead further forwards. Get some references to check the alignment with the cheeks. I know its a Devilish character but if you keep to the rules of anatomy it will turnout for the better in the end

I had a fiddle where I think you could improve, hope you dont mind

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